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One of the main concerns when building any type of construction, whether it be a House, Commercial or Industrial Building is the quality of the roof. The Roof is the main barrier between the external world and the interior of your construction. If the roof is in good shape it will serve as protection against adverse weather conditions and prevent avoidable problems such as leaks, corrosion, mildew and other similar issues. 

Through this article, attention woube focused on giving our readers the information about the most perfect roofing solution for their home or workspace, complete with luxurious design, quality and longevity.

We are BlueScope LYSAGHT - The Front Runner of Roofing Solutions in the World; and this is our story.

BlueScope Steel Ltd is a technology leader in, and the largest global producer of, metal coated and painted steel building products. Principally focused on the Asia-Pacific region, the Group manufactures and markets a wide range of branded products that include pre-painted COLORBOND® steel, zinc/aluminium alloy-coated ZINCALUME® steel and the LYSAGHT® range of building products. BlueScope is currently Australia’s largest steel manufacturer, and New Zealand’s only steel manufacturer. BlueScope’s vertically integrated operations for flat steel products in Australia and New Zealand produce value-added metallic coated and painted products, together with hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, steel plate and pipe and tube. BlueScope manufactures and sells long steel products in New Zealand through its Pacific Steel business. In Australia and New Zealand, BlueScope serves customers in the building and construction, manufacturing, automotive and transport, agricultural and mining industries. In Australia, BlueScope’s steel products are sold directly to customers from our steel mills and through a national network of service centers and steel distribution businesses.

The Brand LYSAGHT first came into origin when the potential in corrugated iron sheeting was discovered and experimented on by John Lysaght back in 1857. He did this under the trademark “Orb” which later transitioned into the future as LYSAGHT. Since its inception Lysaght products have been pioneers in shaping the world; from iconic corrugated roofs to large commercial and industrial projects.

BlueScope Lysaght Lanka was established in Sri Lanka back in 1994 . The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd which is an equal joint venture between Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel in the field of coated steel. LYSAGHT products are of the highest quality as their parent company Tata BlueScope Steels maintains high standards in the area of Safety, Health and Environment and has been certified by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. for ISO 9001: 2008 as well as by M/s. UL MSS India for the ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certifications.

BlueScope Lysaght is unparalleled in its experience of manufacturing roofing and walling materials and structural products. It consistently strives to be better every day by providing innovative and versatile solutions and adapting well to the demands of the constantly evolving styles and design needs around the world. BlueScope Offers a wide range of products which gives the customer the opportunity to make their construction better and smarter. 

The LYSAGHT ® range of premium building products are manufactured from high quality steel products such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

Although located in Sri Lanka Lysaght has the complete backing and unrelenting support of its parent company BlueScope which, being Australia's largest Steel Maker guarantees nothing but the best in terms quality and customer satisfaction. Made from 100% Australian steel, Lysaght products are extensively performance-tested, come with a BlueScope warranty, and offers customers confidence and peace of mind.  

When we consider the Brand Worldwide it has a proud history of over 150 years. The reason for the company's long lasting perseverance in the Industry can be attributed to the fact that it has constantly changed and evolved with the times and continuously set benchmarks for flexibility in its design.

Its premium quality product range includes a timeless collection of steel roofing and wall cladding profiles that can efficiently caters to the diverse architectural requirements of different buildings and projects. 

For over a decade, LYSAGHT ® roofing, walling, structural purlin and decking systems have been extensively used by thousands of construction projects throughout Asia and Australia. These include projects such as power stations, industrial buildings, airports, sports stadiums and other public buildings as well as commercial and residential buildings.

The Research and Development team located in Australia ensures the company stays at the forefront of technology through the most stringent testing procedures.

You can also rest easy knowing that LYSAGHT products offer guaranteed protection for your Commercial and Industrial constructions from all types of Harsh Weather Conditions. Each product is quality tested to withstand wind pressure, cyclonic conditions, hail and impact of falling debris and even earthquakes and point load strength.

A roof is an integral part of any construction as it is the first line of defence against all adverse weather conditions which makes it so important that there are quality roofing material protecting that lifelong investment. One of the main determinants of roofing quality is longevity, a good warrant that guarantees this longevity, and solid finish which protects your construction from any type of adverse weather while also looking sleek and impressive in design. There are many quality roofing materials and roofing providers on the market today and the competition is high, with more and more options becoming available all the time. Objects like metal, felt, rubber and engineered materials that are gaining popularity are continually entering the market to compete for your roofing Rupee. The quality of the roofing you choose is a personal choice, but it’s important to keep in mind that the safety of those that work within your construction or building will ultimately depend on that decision. So its imperative to make the right choice the first time around. All the requirements mentioned above that pertains to quality roofing can be ticked off and you won’t have to ever worry about the quality of your roof for as long as your construction stands, if you choose LYSAGHT roofing Solutions.

So make the right choice today and install LYSAGHT roofing to your Commercial or Industrial construction. Rest easy knowing that Your choice, was the right one!

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